A New Library Media Experience

Our vision is to have every member in the local community in a day-to-day digital relationship with their library and for the library to draw in digital natives with a compelling user experience that rivals any other digital tools they use in their lives.

BiblioBoard Public is a prime example of how this goal is being accomplished. It boasts an ever-growing array of historical content and locally curated collections—available globally to anyone with internet access. With BiblioBoard Public, libraries and local organizations can share their unique multimedia digital content with patrons and audiences near and far, all on one accessible and intuitive platform.

Whether looking to find a job, get a new recipe, check a fact, learn a new language, or discover a new novel, we want the library to be everyone’s first stop for trusted and complete information.

The Modern Library User Interface:

Delivers all kinds of media with a single tap or click. Books, video, audio, documents, images and historical databases are all integrated into a single user experience.

Works across all platforms seamlessly. Our entire user experience is developed for accessibility and ease-of-use.

Promotes the library brand. Collections are presented in a way that increases patron engagement and emulates other “social” experiences we have online.

Modern patrons want control over their own content experience. Users get to build their own “boards” to personalize their relationship with the library.

Deb Hoadley

Advisor, MA Library System

“BiblioBoard has been extremely well-received for the ease of use, the visually engaging interface, and the ability to search for more than just an ebook. One patron remarked on a survey, “BiblioBoard was gorgeous. A wonderful experience.” As a vendor, BiblioLabs has been extremely responsive to our needs. We have a strong relationship with them and look forward to the future.”

Jill Morris

Interim Executive Director, NC LIVE

“BiblioLabs is so much more than just a vendor - they are a true partner for NC LIVE. Their willingness to consider our unique situation, to help us solve problems, and overcome challenges has allowed us to launch a highly successful ebooks initiative, well-regarded across North Carolina and nationally. Their flexible business models combined with technical know-how and thorough customer service approach have made all the difference for us.”