Meeting the Mission of the Library

The world’s leading book publishers, video producers and content studios are waking up to the reality that circulation constraints are not good for libraries, patrons or themselves. They are changing the way they license content—creating robust unlimited multi-user models that help libraries affordably bridge the digital divide and support lifelong learning for all members of the community.

By offering compelling digital experiences, the library can become a central part of daily life for patrons online. Whether looking to find a job, make dinner, master a new skill, learn a new language, discover community resources or get guidance on health and nutrition, consumers can find trusted and complete information from the library. However, a poor user experience will send consumers elsewhere and sabotage even the best social marketing campaign.

Diverse Patron Audiences

We work with over 450 publishers and have tens of thousands of books libraries can make available to patrons in an unlimited multi-user model across high-need and under-served areas. These collections ensure you can meet any level of patron demand with no fear of turnaways or budget stress.

Children's Resources / Early Learning

Job Skills / Business Skills

Foreign Languages

Primary Source & Historical Databases

Reluctant Readers

Health & Wellness



Cultural Resources

We also have unlimited multi-user content in high-demand areas such as:

Comics and Graphic Novels

Entertainment and Educational Video

Popular eBook Genres

Own Your Content

Some libraries have a mission to own and preserve content without fear of being tied to a particular delivery platform. Other library systems are looking to license their own content from publishers and host it themselves.

Our approach supports both of these strategies. Libraries purchasing content perpetually from BiblioLabs can move it to another secure platform at any time. Libraries can also opt to load content licensed directly from publishers (think: Douglas County Model) onto BiblioBoard, or libraries can work with our business development team to license desired content not currently available on BiblioBoard.

Joan Clark

Arizona State Librarian

“We had initially envisioned building our own platform and acquiring content ourselves, but partnering with BiblioLabs provides us with an experienced information technology team, content acquisition, and marketing professionals at a much lower cost.”