LYRASIS Acquisition of BiblioLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

LYRASIS, a global nonprofit serving libraries, archives, museums and research communities, announces the acquisition of BiblioLabs, LLC., a Charleston, SC-based library technology firm. The acquisition will bring together two organizations on the leading edge of library software and support services.

Why LYRASIS and BiblioLabs?

The organizations share a mission to empower libraries with modern cultural heritage and local publishing tools, as well as to give libraries control over ebooks and content. LYRASIS and BIblioLabs have pursued parallel paths around library publishing and eBook technology over the past few years.

Why did LYRASIS acquire BiblioLabs?

After several years of discussion, LYRASIS and BiblioLabs identified shared goals and missions concerning ebook technologies and distribution. LYRASIS sees BiblioLabs and their technologies as an opportunity to further enhance their ebook work with SimplyE/Library Simplified by adding community engagement tools and local content models. Through this acquisition, LYRASIS will be able to offer a seamless eBook management experience that highlights the local nature of library communities while harnessing the benefit of large scale, community-driven technologies.

How is this acquisition different from the for-profit mergers we’ve seen of late in the library space?

LYRASIS and BiblioLabs identified major synergies and opportunities to enhance library services by coming together. BiblioLabs will become a nonprofit entity by joining LYRASIS, ensuring the continuation of their library- and community-centered focus into the future. This acquisition is not about maximizing profits. It is about enhancing community-focused technologies and bringing them into the non-profit space.

My library uses BiblioLabs products and services. What will this mean for me?

BiblioLabs will continue to operate with the same staff, programs and name as a division of the LYRASIS organization. There will be no interruption of service for BiblioLabs or LYRASIS, and no action needs to be taken by current clients, subscribers, members or partners.

Will there be a new leadership team for BiblioLabs products and services?

Every member of the BiblioLabs team will be continuing to support all library partners in much the same way they do today. Mitchell Davis (leading the team as Senior Director, BiblioLabs), Michael Atwood (heading IT as Director of Engineering), and Jessica Duggan (heading operations as Director of Operations) will continue in leadership roles working alongside the BiblioLabs team and Robert Miller, CEO of LYRASIS.

What will happen to my current contracts? Will we need to sign new agreements to include LYRASIS?

All services will continue as-is and all client contracts will be honored in full. No one will need to sign new agreements.

Is it still BiblioLabs? BiblioBoard? Indie Author Project? Etc?

All brands will remain as they are today aside from BiblioLabs, which will become BiblioLabs, a division of LYRASIS.

Will BiblioLabs products and services change as a result of the acquisition?

We will continue to support and enhance all products and services we do today. As part of LYRASIS, BiblioLabs will prioritize expanding and improving all products and services and to continue the mission of bringing more streamlined, innovative, and user-friendly solutions to the library for supporting their creative communities. As part of a nonprofit, there is no better way to ensure our mission-based work continues to grow and impact communities all over the world.

I have BiblioBoard, Indie Author Project, etc marketing graphics and information on my website. Will those need to change?

No links or information will change that would be cause to update your website. As always, we will continue to update you with any new graphics or marketing assets that may be of use to you and your patrons.

I currently have an integration with BiblioBoard to my ILS, Discovery Service, SimplyE, etc. Will I need to change those in any way?

All metadata feeds and integrations will remain intact. No links will need to be updated. If you currently have a SimplyE integration, this will continue to function as-is using the OPDS feed and Secret and Access keys.

How can I stay up-to-date with any news about BiblioLabs, now a division of LYRASIS?

Signing up for the BiblioLabs newsletter is the best way to stay updated. You can always stay up-to-date by checking our News feed here and by following BiblioBoard on social media.

Will this acquisition change any of my existing services, subscriptions, partnerships and contracts LYRASIS?

No, the acquisition of BiblioLabs by LYRASIS will not change or alter any existing service agreements, partnerships, purchases or contracts.

Will this acquisition change my membership status or impact my membership with LYRASIS?

No, the acquisition of BiblioLabs by LYRASIS will not change your membership tier or benefits with LYRASIS.

When is the acquisition complete?

The acquisition is complete as of June 15, 2021.

What changes should we expect to see in LYRASIS organization and staff?

BiblioLabs will remain an intact division within LYRASIS. No staffing changes will occur for either BiblioLabs or LYRASIS. BiblioLabs staff will be LYRASIS employees under a separate division.

Will my main point of contact at LYRASIS change?

No. Your point of contact will remain the same. Please feel free to contact for help.

Will Bibliolabs or LYRASIS current pricing structures change?

No. Service and purchase pricing will not change as a result of this acquisition.

Will my LYRASIS membership provide discounts on BiblioLabs services?

Pricing and membership benefits on BiblioLabs services are still being evaluated.

I am a LYRASIS member. How can I learn more about BiblioLabs products and services?

You can learn more about BiblioLabs by visiting where you can sign up to receive a demonstration of all products and services that may be relevant to your library and community.